Looking for HP 680 Black Ink

Looking for HP 680 Black Ink

What if you are in the middle of printing something and all of a sudden you are out of HP 680 Black Ink?

Or what's worst, Sorry there are no stocks available for HP 680 Black Ink?

One quick solution to this problem is to take advantage of HP's Single Cartridge Mode printing.  Printers that support this printing mode allows you to print even if only a single cartridge is installed on your printer instead of the standard /recommended Black ink and Tri-Color ink cartridge both installed.

In case you are out of HP 680 Black Ink and you don't have ready stocks to replace it, simply remove the HP 680 Black Ink from your printer.  Now that it is running with only the HP 680 Tri-Color Ink cartridge, restart your printer. 

Once you have restarted your printer, you should be able to see this notice on the printer status.



 You can now start printing the same way as before.  The difference is that some text or graphics might appear to be a little bit off its color specially black.

It will look a little more gray than a solid black.

Another difference is that this consumes more ink since it mixes all the colors to produce a black printout.

But again for the time being that you don't have HP 680 Black Ink cartridge and it's very hard to source out one, this simple solution would at least let you complete your printing job.

 Single Cartridge Mode also works with HP 680 Black Ink only, this is very useful for applications where colored printout is not needed.



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